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Release Notes
If you don't already have a reference to FlitBit ObjectIdentity add one using the NuGet command line:

PM> Install-Package FlitBit.ObjectIdentity


FlitBit ObjectIdentity is an independent abstraction for working with objects that are uniquely identifiable by an identity key. This library uses FlitBit Emit to dynamically emit utilities for working with these `identifiable` objects.

This abstraction separates the notion of ObjectIdentity from the many frameworks that previously shared this notion but each had slightly different implementations.

Other Useful Frameworks

Visit the Core library's page to learn more about the FlitBit Frameworks.

After I get the other frameworks published I'll make another pass and document the interesting parts of this library.

Build Requirements
Some of the command lines rely on Powershell. Ensure your execution policy is permissive enough if you run the batch files or powershells.

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